Here's just a small sampling of the projects A25RTH has led.


The Simple physical activity questionnaire

The SIMPAQ was developed to provide clinicians and researchers with a feasible, accurate and reliable self-report measure of physical activity among populations at risk of high levels of sedentary behaviour. The SIMPAQ international validation study involved more than 50 researchers and clinicians from over 20 countries.



Exercise and mental health workshops for physical educators and physical therapists in brazil

Faculty from A25RTH will be running full-day workshops in Porto Alegre and Sau Paulo, Brazil in October 2018. The workshops will provide attendees with an overview of the evidence regarding exercise for mental disorders including depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Workshops will provide attendees with practical skills to safely and effectively design and deliver exercise programs for people experiencing mental illness.

Photo by dk_photos/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by dk_photos/iStock / Getty Images

Mind - bodY INTEGRATION workshops for medical and health science students in Uganda

Faculty from A25RTH conducted training for medical and health science students across three cities in Uganda in July 2017. The workshops aim to improve outcomes associated with mental illness and co-morbid poor physical health.